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It’s official: School begins for most Plumas students Aug. 31

UPDATE 4:45 p.m. Plumas Charter announced this afternoon that its plan for Quincy K-6 programming next week is to proceed with the on site offerings as described to stakeholders previously. For grades 7-12, the school will be bringing students to campus on a further modified on site schedule because of the effect of the evacuations on staff and students (more of them are affected).

All Plumas Unified School District students will begin the new school year Aug. 31. All instruction is via distance learning with the use of hubs for some in-person interaction.

For Plumas Charter School, where instruction will be a mix of distance and in-person instruction, students in Chester, Greenville and Taylorsville will proceed as planned. For Quincy students, Executive Director Taletha Washburn said that she will be talking with the Northern Sierra Air Quality District before making a final decision. “We will hopefully have this information by the end of the day” she said the morning of Aug. 28.

Both school systems had planned to begin the school year Aug. 24 but fires scattered across the county delayed the opening. There are still evacuations in place for some students and air quality continues to be a problem.

State Superintendent of Schools Tony Thurmond has announced that his department will “ensure schools have the flexibility they need to focus first on the health, safety and well-being of their educators, students and families.”

Plumas Unified School District Superintendent Terry Oestreich said the extra week gave teachers more time to prepare for their students and for more independent study teachers to be trained. Nearly one-quarter of all PUSD students opted for the independent study option.

As of Tuesday, 45 schools across the state were in evacuation zones and thousands of students were impacted by instruction cancellations. Schools can file waivers so that they are not financially penalized for the loss of instruction days and there is no deadline for submitting the waivers. “We want you focused right now on the health and safety of your communities, not paperwork,” he said.

Both Plumas Unified and Plumas Charter are in regular contact with their staffs and students to alert them of the latest developments.


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