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It’s Thanksgiving

Time to appreciate all that we have

Some families celebrate Thanksgiving by gathering around the dinner table and taking turns sharing what they are most grateful for in their lives. This year, the staff writers of Feather Publishing adopted that same tradition and shared what they most appreciate. Perhaps it’s not surprising that living here in Plumas County was mentioned by all — not only for its beauty, but for its people. We here at Feather Publishing are grateful every day to be an integral part of this county and its communities. Following is a sampling of some of what our writers had to be grateful for:

Assistant Editor Victoria Metcalf:

Having a house that’s large enough I can invite friends to move in.

Having a job that I really enjoy doing.

People who are working toward solving some of the issues brought about by climate change.

Sports Writer Mari Erin Roth:

Incredible chances to fill so many dreams: Live music up close and personal, interviews with purpose, volunteer opportunities, creativity inspired.

Freedom to breath fresh air, drink and swim in clean water, ogle amazing scenic views daily.

To never have to leave home to experience a great vacation.

Photo editor Jenny Lee:

Grateful there are no multi-lane freeways in Plumas County.

Staff Writer Lauren Westmoreland:

It’s unquestionably beautiful here in the Lost Sierra, and I’m grateful that it has remained “lost enough” to retain so much of that pristine, peaceful beauty in our forests and our communities.

It’s truly enviable to live in an area with so much positive, sustainable growth happening, within strong, deep-rooted and supportive communities.

I’m grateful to see the stars in our county. Every time I come home, I look up to see a view that you can only see in our little corner of the world.

Staff Writer Meg Upton:

As an artist, I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore arts in Plumas County in a supportive, non-competitive environment. We can accomplish things on a small scale here that would be near to impossible in a big city situation without multiple degrees and connections.

Plumas County is a great example of intentional community — people from all over that decided to make this remote northeastern corner of the state — which is not on the way to anywhere — home.

The willingness of so many of us to come together to provide love, support, and help to friends and neighbors keeps it close to my heart.

Staff Writer Stacy Fisher:

Living in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Making new friends and acquaintances.

Staff Writer Linda Satchwell:

Small town Graeagle folks who look out for me over the years.

My dogs and horses and the beautiful country I get to share with them on hikes and trails.

Board members and administrators guided by intelligence and integrity who steer some of our most important institutions.

Editor Debra Moore:

The full circle that has arisen from writing about area youth and their accomplishments as high school students to covering them now as leaders in our communities.

My coworkers are my second family and we have shared our lives for nearly three decades.

Despite the challenges facing this country and the world, there will be individuals with the genius to guide us through them.

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