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IVA student makes the cut—now fundraising to get there

Olivia McIntyre of Greenville received a spot in the highly coveted CSSA — California Summer School for the Arts and is now fundraising in Plumas County to be able to attend. Photo by Meg Upton

If it all works out, in two months Indian Valley Academy sophomore Olivia McIntyre will be headed to Valencia to spend a month studying music in the California Summer School for the Arts program housed at the California Institute for the Arts in Valencia, California.

The prestigious summer program invites high schools students through out the state to apply in their artistic field of interest.

McIntyre submitted an application in March never dreaming she’d get in — but she has been chosen for a coveted spot in the increasingly hard to get into state summer school program.

McIntyre chose to apply to the music program with a concentration on vocals. The 15-year-old has a powerful set of chords and has a deep rich soprano.

“This could be a great opportunity for me to study music in a way that is not available here,” said McIntyre.

Here voice has been described as super powerful — with unexpected range and reach.

Earlier this year she performed in Pachuca Production’s Hamilton Sing-along taking on the difficult and complicated Eliza Hamilton song, “Burn,” as well as other songs from the musical.

On May 4 she performed in the Spring Shindig Talent Show singing Skeeter Davis’ “The End of the World.”

The summer school program runs from July to August and offers students the opportunity to learn more about a chosen field in the arts where they’ve exhibited potential. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for high school students. They are housed in the dorms at Cal Arts.

Now, according to McIntyre, comes the other difficult part — paying for it. The program costs $2,000 for the four weeks with room and board. She has to pay a deposit of $800 by May 15 with the remainder $1,200 by June 5.

McIntyre has begun raising funds in Indian Valley with former teachers and family members chipping in where they can to get her to her goal.

There will be a talent show at the Taylorsville Tavern on June 1at 7 p.m. in the backroom stage where McIntyre will sing a set’s worth of songs, followed by other Pachuca Productions troupe members and musicians lending a bit of talent to round out the evening. Tickets available at the door will be $25 for the fundraising event with all proceeds going to raising the tuition for McIntyre’s program.

McIntyre is also making herself available to “sing for her supper” willing to come sing for community members in exchange for sponsorship.

IVA director Ryan Schramel, who worked on a song with her for the Hamilton Sing Along, is excited for his student. “This is a great opportunity for her. We have to get her there,” he said.

“She has such an incredible voice,” said Pam Lyman, IVA’s adminstrator, who has overheard McIntyre rehearse.

Donation arrangements can be made by calling McIntyre directly at  (530) 828-5883. Tickets for the June 1 concert will be available at the door.

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