IVCSD faces dire fiscal situation

   The Indian Valley Community Services District is in dire straits facing a shortfall, according to their recent press release, “of nearly $9 million dollars for its critical infrastructure and facilities rebuild projects that were un- or under-insured.”

   Coupled with the fact that because of the Dixie Fire there are substantially less customers and substantially less revenue expected in the next five years, the district is in an untenable situation. There is estimated to be a $500,000 shortfall in income to the district due to customer loss.

   Different configurations of board members and general managers over the last year have tried to find ways to keep income to the district flowing while the slow process of rebuilding Greenville takes place. Though whose homes burned were, at one point last year, required to pay a service charge to keep the lines open for possible rebuilds.  Those fees however did not sit well with residents in the valley, and the board did away with the fees until rebuilds happen.

   Board members, the office manager, and general manager have all voiced their concerns and disappointment that IVCSD was turned down for FEMA and CalOES assistance. IVCSD was not one of the entities in the PG&E settlement earlier this spring either.


   Various board members and employees have reached out to state officials — most notably State Senator Brian Dahle’s office — who had verbally indicated help late last year to the last general manager. Dahle’s office did not take up the cause.

   Calls and emails to the state insurance commissioner office regarding the volunteer fire department’s insurance being canceled have gone unanswered as have emails to the governor’s office.

   At issue are four major projects necessary for rebuilding both the service district’s properties and rebuilding Greenville itself. Water and sewer have a shortfall of nearly $5 million for projects repairing and replacing the sewer lift stations and the water treatment plant. Replacing pipeline is nearly a $ 2million short fall. Rebuilding the burned down firehouse is a little over $2 million shortfall.

   Without vital utility infrastructure, rebuilding Greenville will be that much more difficult.


   The next Indian Valley Community Services District meeting is this Wednesday, July 13 at the Taylorsville Historical Hall at 6:30 p.m.