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The initial numbers are in for the June 7 Primary, but final results won't be known until all of the postmarked and provisional ballots are counted. File photo

Johns leads in race for Sheriff as June 7 Primary ballots counted

The preliminary numbers are in: Sheriff Todd Johns is leading in his bid to retain his position; while incumbent Assessor Cindie Froggatt is also edging out her challenger. In the District 3 Supervisor race, Tom McGowan is leading in his bid to represent the Lake Almanor area, while Incumbent Jeff Engel will likely retain his position as District 5 Supervisor.

These are the leaders based on today’s vote tally,  but results won’t be fully known until postmarked and provisional ballots are counted. The votes thus far represent 37.33 percent of the 13,810 ballots sent to Plumas County registered voters.

According to  Plumas County Clerk/Recorder Marcy DeMartile there are 600 ballots in the elections office as of this evening that need to be processed and verified, and more ballots are expected to arrive in the mail tomorrow. The outstanding numbers could impact the current leaders. Tomorrow afternoon DeMartile will report on the number that arrive in the mail. Those ballots also will be processed and verified and will be counted with the other 600 ballots next Tuesday.

Earlier today DeMartile said, ““We will not call any races for Plumas County, nor project any winners this evening, due to the number of ballots that will be received through the mail and signature verification process.”

However, this is where the totals stand now for local contested races:

Plumas County Sheriff

Dwight Cline: 2,045

Todd Johns: 2,958

Plumas County Assessor

Cindie Froggatt: 2,529

Amy Hendrickson: 2,111

District 3 Supervisor

Kelley Cote: 417

Tom McGowan: 567

District 5 Supervisor

Jeff Engel: 828

Mimi Garner: 315


To view more details on how Plumas County voters cast their ballots in uncontested local races, as well as statewide races go to: election results

For more details on how Californians voted go to https://electionresults.sos.ca.gov


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