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July 30 rainfall dumped nearly an inch in Prattville; but spotty elsewhere in the Basin

By Dale Knutsen

Special to Plumas News

Temperatures in the Lake Almanor basin were about 4 degrees warmer than average in July.  The average morning low at Chester airport was 48.5 degrees F., while the average high came in at 89.4.  Our extreme low was 39 degrees early in the month, while the extreme high was 102 degrees on the 28th (that’s just 2 degrees shy of the record for July).

A significant thunderstorm dropped 0.83 inch of rainfall on the Prattville monitoring site on the afternoon of July 30th, but the rainfall was very irregular and spotty.  Northern parts of the basin did not receive any rain from that storm, while southern parts may have received more.

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