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Ted Holderegger of Chester with Janet Becky of Prattville attend the National Dog Day luncheon at Carol’s Café in Prattville on Aug. 30. Their canine companions are Molly, a border collie; Gracie, a miniature Aussie; and Lucy, a border collie.

K-9s feast with their humans on National Dog Day

Fran Wilkins of Almanor West attends the National Dog Day celebration Aug. 30 at Carol’s Café & Deli in Prattville, with her 9-month old Maltese and Terrier mix, Sassy. Photos by Stacy Fisher

Owners dined with their doggy companions in an outside area on the deck of Carol’s Café & Deli in Prattville on Aug. 30 to commemorate National Dog Day and to raise funds for additional food items for the Almanor Basin Food Pantry in Chester.

The special occasion was strictly for the dogs, restaurant owner Carol Franchetti quipped. “No cats allowed,” which is understandable given that your typical feline is prone to jealousy when they aren’t part of the celebration, reasoning that, “Fights could break out.”

Franchetti, who also serves on the board of directors of the pantry, said she’s held this doggy celebration for a number of years, with owners and their canine cohorts enjoying a meal together in the fresh air in an outdoor setting. This was the second year that the fundraiser has partnered with the food pantry.

For her doggy guests, she provided a doggy menu and complimentary water, featuring such delicacies as the “Heavenly Hamburger,” consisting of two succulent burgers slathered with Coral’s special doggy rice and veggie pilaf, or they could choose instead the “Hot Diggity Dog,” a tender hot dog cut into bite size pieces and served on a bed of rice with pilaf.

All proceeds from both the dog menu and food orders from their human owners during the event go to the Almanor Basin Food Pantry, she said.

Several breeds attended and all appeared thoroughly delighted to be part of the chow down.

Franchetti encouraged owners to dress their dogs in a costume if they liked, but most of the canines chose to wear their birthday suits instead.

Other than an occasional barking contest between different dogs, none engaged in fights or had an accident, she noted, with the animals tied to a leash during the duration of the food fest.

Given the popularity of this event over the past number of years, it was of little surprise that the restaurant’s patio saw a crowd of patrons enjoying their meals with their furry kids.

“It was a perfect occasion for a fun way to give your four-legged friend a day out,” Franchetti said, while helping to raise money for a worthy cause.

National Dog Day celebrates all breeds, pure and mixed, and serves to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued through adoption.

“The luncheon went very well,” Franchetti remarked. “We took in a total of $340 for the food pantry,” adding, “I want to thank everyone who attended for their generous support.”

Carol’s Café & Deli is located at 2932 Almanor Drive West, on the shore of Lake Almanor in Prattville. Business hours are Monday through Sunday, from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. For reservations, phone 259-2464.

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