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Kasey Donald Tibbedeaux

Kasey Donald Tibbedeaux passed on from this life on January 15th 2021 at 42 years old.

Kasey was born to Kenneth William Tibbedeaux and Donna Marie Williams-Tibbedeaux on March 3rd 1978. He was the baby brother of Kari Michelle Tibbedeaux-Johnson, the big brother of Krystal Monique Tibbedeaux-Tyree, and Jeremey Marvin Bafico-Tibbedeaux, the uncle and hero of Blake Valor Tibbedeaux, Breana Victoria Tibbedeaux-Long, and Katiryne Mary Tibbedeaux-Johnson, and the great-uncle of Adam Theodore Long, Roxxas Dewayne Tibbedeaux and Anthony Jeffrey Long.

Kasey spent his early childhood in Quincy, California and moved to Portola, California in kindergarten, and received his education at Portola Elementary and Portola High School where he played soccer, football, and baseball and was well-liked by his peers.

After graduation, Kasey joined the Army and spent time stationed in Oklahoma, Louisiana (where everyone assumed he was a native because of his last name) and on active duty in Bosnia. Kasey spent his final years in Reno Nevada.

Kasey’s sense of humor was legendary, his joviality and hilarious antics brought smiles and laughter to all. He was able to defuse the most tense of situations, and his smile could melt the most frozen heart. Kasey was a kind and loving young man with many friends who loved him dearly. He will be greatly missed by all of us.

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