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La Cabana opens in East Quincy; Chinese food on the menu

     La Cabana is now open. Chinese food fans in East Quincy are happy to have their mainstay back and have started trickling back to La Cabana — the new restaurant where the long closed Golden King used to be.

     The new owners, Luis Alberto and Celedonia Santos ,opened La Cabana on Wednesday, Nov. 2 and have enjoyed a steady flow of customers eager for the familiar Golden King dishes—which they have retained at La Cabana.

     In addition to Golden King Chinese food favorites, La Cabana is featuring American and Mexican food as well. There’s another place in town to get a hamburger and a sandwich now, (many Quincy residents bemoaned the abrupt closing of Jeffrey’s Pub and Grill along with Pangaea now open only to catering for a good burger).

     The Mexican cuisine offerings are slightly different than what’s on the menu at Paradise Grill, (the Santos family owns Paradise Grill and Moon’s). They are also open for breakfast with full menu offerings including crepes, of both American and Mexican breakfast dishes.

     For now, La Cabana is open 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., Wednesdays through Sundays.

     In the Santos’ refurbishing of the restaurant building itself, they’ve also made a space for private parties, meetings or other special events.

     The restaurant is located at 1730 E. Main Street in East Quincy. Call (530) 283-3338 for more information and to go orders.

La Cabana is serving up Ensenada tacos. Photo submitted
There’s also a new place to get coffee beverages in town. Photo submitted
For those wanting more burger options, La Cabana serves them too. Photo submitted

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