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PCS kindergarten and transitional kindergarten staffers are excited to partner with La Sierra Lanes on East Main Street in Quincy for some fun lessons in physical science with the charter school’s classes. Parent volunteers came along, too. Photos submitted

La Sierra Lanes hosts PCS kindergartners for hands-on physical science lessons

Dick Dykes at La Sierra Lanes helps PCS Kindergarten students learn about gravity and other properties of physical science. The students were fascinated to find out how bowling pins are made and about the materials that go into making them.

In Quincy, the local business community is often an active and supportive partner to help students learn complex lessons using real-world settings. Many teachers acknowledge their appreciation and say they couldn’t offer such rich learning experiences without these partnerships.

That was the case on a recent slushy day when La Sierra Lanes on East Main Street hosted the classrooms of Plumas Charter School’s kindergarten and transitional kindergarten students. A few lucky parents came along on the field trip, too.

Lesson for the day? Hands-on physical science. And you thought kindergarten was easy!

“We started our unit exploring the properties of materials,” PCS teacher Inge Stock reported. “The students learned about aspects such as rigid/flexible, absorbent/nonabsorbent and rough/smooth.”

The classes also experimented with mass and how it affects floating and sinking, she said, adding, “With the help of a variety of magnets, we have begun to understand the concept of magnetism.”

Kinders are active learners and the class next transitioned to studying the idea of gravity. So what better place to learn about that than at the local bowling alley with all the rolling, spinning, colliding and falling?

“Putting it all together, we can have conversations about friction and motion. Phew, it’s been fun!” Stock said, chuckling. “ Our final bowling field trip helped the students to sum up their learning. Thank you La Sierra Lanes!”

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