Isaac Tafoya of Lake Almanor is charged with attempted homicide. Photo courtesy Plumas County Sheriff’s Office.

Lake Almanor man charged with stabbing stepson, battery against wife

A Lake Almanor resident is behind bars, charged with stabbing his stepson and physical violence against his wife.

It was 1 a.m., Tuesday, July 2, when Stanley Desart, 26, called 911 to report that he was allegedly stabbed several times by his stepfather Isaac Tafoya, 48.

Desart reported that Tafoya had also allegedly assaulted his mother.

Desart, along with his mother Marla Tafoya, fled the residence before  law enforcement arrived. Medical personnel and deputies who were staged along Highway 147 met them.

“Due to the severity of Desart’s and Marla Tafoya’s injuries they were transported to Seneca Hospital for treatment,” according to Det. Sgt. Steve Peay.

Desart was later transferred to another hospital for additional treatment of his stab wounds.

It was then that Plumas County Sheriff’s Officers responded to the residence along Highway 147 on the east shore of Lake Almanor where Tafoya was arrested.

The alleged assailant was arrested and booked into the Plumas County Correction Facility. He was charged with attempted homicide on Desart and corporal injury to his wife as well as making terrorist threats against her.

Isaac Tafoya is being held on $1 million bail.