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LaMalfa votes against $2,000 per person relief

Congressman Doug LaMalfa announced that he voted against the CASH Act which would increase economic injury payments from $600 to $2,000 per person, meaning a family of four would receive $8,000.

LaMalfa previously voted to support the aid bills which contained the $600 aid and the previous CARES Act bill that contained the $1200 aid package.  His opposition is centered on the view that this bill should have been better focused to help citizens who have lost income because of government lock downs.

“Many Americans are hurting because of the virus and lock down policies that have prevented people from safely and timely returning to work. We should absolutely help those whom government has forced out of a job or forced a major reduction in work hours, such as so many of our restaurants. Unemployment payments have helped but have fallen short over the many months of lock down for many workers,” LaMalfa said. “Those families are suffering the most and Congress should target them for direct aid. For the rest of society that is still working, receiving pay while not working, or are drawing from their retirement system, Congress should help them by letting them keep their own money in the first place.”

He continued, “That combination of immediate aid and long term tax cuts, combined with safely returning to work will help everyone and put the country back on a path to prosperity.”

 LaMalfa also announced his support for repealing large the portions of the Omnibus Appropriations Act that he views as wasteful, including much of the foreign aid.



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