Learn about programs to help veterans during May 19 presentation

From healthcare to pensions to burial benefits, there are many programs available to area veterans and their families, which they can learn more about May 19.

The Plumas County Veteran Services office is making a presentation on the subject of US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and California Department of Veteran Affairs (CDVA) benefits uniquely applicable to the aging veteran and their supportive families. The presentation is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 19, at the Quincy Library (445 Jackson Street) meeting room. The public is invited.

As you age and look to later life, perspectives change. The emphasis of the presentation is the economic savings to the veteran and their supportive family by utilizing the VA and CDVA benefit programs.

The subjects of VA Healthcare, CDVA Care Homes, VA Pension, and VA burial benefit will be emphasized. For instance, many veterans rely on Medicare with a supplemental health care plan for their health insurance needs. These plans can cost hundreds of dollars and have limits with high co-pays. With VA Healthcare utilizing the Community Care program, veterans can have potential healthcare provided by local clinicians and care providers without the cost of the supplemental insurance premium. As you age you may not be able to provide for all your daily physical living needs and there may be a need for institutional living. CDVA has eight care homes in the State with a wide range of differing types of care. CDVA provides residential care, skilled nursing and now care for veterans with memory impairment. Husbands and wives can share a room. There is no estate value limit and costs are limited to a portion of the veteran’s monthly income.


If you are living on mid to low range Social Security, the VA pension could increase your actual monthly spendable income. For qualifying VA pension recipients with significant medical expenses, you need to consider the program.  For example, if you receive $1,500 a month in Social Security and have $500 a month in medical expenses (travel, co-pays, appliances, insurance) the VA would pay you an additional $229 a month.

There is a lot out there for veterans and their families. Don’t look back and say “I should have looked at what was available.” Just stop by next Thursday, listen to what is available and have your questions answered. Hope to see you there.