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Learn about the planned roundabout for the Chester area on July 12

Caltrans invites resident of the Lake Almanor Basin to an informational open house on the A13 at Route 36 Safety Project. The event will be held Wednesday, July 12 from 4 – 7 p.m.  at the Almanor Recreation Center, 101 Meadowbrook Loop, in Chester.

The project includes the construction of a roundabout. Constructing the roundabout includes removing the exiting asphalt, performing earthwork cuts of 8-10 ft, placing asphalt concrete structural sections in the circulatory roadway and approach legs, and adding concrete curbing for the roundabout and approach legs. In addition, the safety project will relocate one utility pole, add luminaries on the approach legs, and install new signage.

It is estimated this project will take 80 working days, with 70 days requiring traffic control. Construction is anticipated to start in fall/winter of 2023.

7 thoughts on “Learn about the planned roundabout for the Chester area on July 12

  • This idea sounds terrible

  • What’s the point?

  • I think this is a great idea. Anyone who has ever been to Truckee knows how the roundabouts in and around that town keep traffic moving safely. Anyone who has ever tried to cross Highway 36 on A-13 knows how hair-raising it can sometimes be. This should make it safer for evertyone.

  • I used to be able to comfortably drive to and around Truckee. The roundabout there has made it so I can’t even find my way anymore! And the ones in Reno and other cities scare me to death! What’s wrong with traffic lights for heaven’s sake! Whoever invented these crazy things ought to be shot!


  • Slowing down highway-speed cars in the middle of nowhere makes NO SENSE. Of all the vehicles that currently drive through this intersection , the majority are through traffic, cross country drivers not locals. I use that intersection almost daily driving to Chester or the dump/recycle. It’s not scary nor unsafe, To slow down highway-speed vehicles for just a few cars on A-13 is uncalled for and a real waste of money.

  • Hi I am from the McCloud area and Caltrans is talking about a roundabout on 89. I would like to know what was the outcome of the meeting that you all had last year and did it stop it or is it still going through. I would really appreciate reply as we are going to a meeting in July.
    Thank you
    Linda Hicklin

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