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Letter to the Editor: 5G questions and concerns

There are many current examples of large numbers of birds suddenly acting in a swarm manner, then dropping from the sky. These are documented by main stream sources. The likely cause, IMO, was some type of EMF.

I watched a video of a Russian offshore drilling rig. A crewmember pointed out a bird that had landed on the deck, lost its navigation ability and was now unable to escape. The reason was that the rig had a high EMF field because of the various radars and sonars. He said the bird would be dead by the next day. A different crewmember exclaimed that it was common for flocks of birds to literally rain down on the workers.

Recent examples of military use of microwave EMF use was during protests in Austrailia, where LRAD devices, emmitting frequencies at 96 GHz were used on civilians, many suffering external burns of considerable effect. It didn’t appear that there were huge amounts of power feeding these portable units, since one officer was even wearing a chest mounted version.

Most people live in EMF, if your 4G LTE gets a signal, inside, in the woods, that signal goes right through you too. Same with routers for Wi Fi. Then there’s wireless internet, beaming signals through the valleys. Also, anything cordless.

The bandwidth of all the above are less than 4-5 GHz or so.

5G will incorporate sub GHz (less than 1 GHz) all the way to 100 GHz, most common uses will be 24 GHz to 100GHz, according to FCC’s Tom Wheeler.
Bandwidths above 26 GHz travel in a beam, a millimeter wave, go only point to point, and don’t penetrate the skin.

None of this tech. has been tested for squat. In my search, no 5G phones are available yet, so why the big push for 5G? Well, it’s for the IOT (Internet of Things), for sensors that’ll be installed, and eventually to communicate with vehicles, appliances and “bodies”.

People should want to know what type of antennas will be on towers (how many GHz).
People should want to be able to have these things inspected.
People should want to know how much power goes to antennas, and if a single antenna can handle multiple frequencies.
Symptoms of “Covid” according to doctors, are almost identical to EMF, microwave poisoning.

I appreciate Josh Hart’s efforts against 5G, and no, this isn’t 4G, there are a thousand bandwidths available thru 5G. Councilmembers should heed his warnings. The proper bandwidth, used maliciously, with enough power, could drop a human like the birds, or make them slowly sick and die. Certainly Bill Gates would object to this, since he and the sustainable crowd want to significantly lower the population.

Robert Milne

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