Letter to the Editor: A place to share my thoughts

Yesterday, a friend mentioned how much he enjoyed reading my latest Living Like a Refugee story in High County Life.  I then picked up a copy and re-read what I wrote.  I simply broke down crying, and I continue to cry as I now write to you.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to publish my rambling thoughts as a wildfire disaster survivor.  The chance to so express myself is very healing to me.  If my words help to bring solace to fellow disaster survivors, or provides some insight into our plight for those fortunate persons who have not so suffered, this is all good.

For the moment, I am handing out hard copies of High Country Life, but I look forward to when this story is posted online so I can share with friends around the USA and the world.

I greatly admire everything about Plumas News, and deeply appreciate the opportunity to work with you.  More than any place, Plumas News has been the lifeboat where I could first touch and express my suffering, and slowly begin to re-build a new, and even better life.

Ken Donnell

Quincy, formerly of Greenville

Editor’s note: The March issue of High Country Life will be posted to plumasnews.com later today.