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Letter to the Editor: A revealing Congressional candidate debate


We learned more from the televised debate between Dr. Kermit Jones and Keven Kiley than I expected.  KCRA and Capital Public Radio deserve credit for the effort, and both candidates deserve respect for participating at a time when fewer and fewer do.

Kiley has made news as an abortion opponent.  When asked about it, he twice replied that this is a state issue and he is running for national office, so he need not take a position.  The moderators pressed, asking if he would support the proposed national ban, and he finally said no.

Asked about a firearm laws, Jones took the opportunity to emphasize he is a gun owner and a veteran.  Again, the moderators pressed about a ban on 15-round magazines, and he said he would support that.

Both candidates were asked if they blamed Mr. Trump for the January 6 riot.  Jones said he did.  Kiley blamed the rioters only.

The best question of the night asked how each man would criticize their own party.  Kiley argued that Republicans too often do not really do anything once elected.  Jones had several items against the Democratic side, but first on his list was denunciation of those who talk about abolishing the police.

Disappointingly, no question was asked about wildfire.  Jones did bring it up as an issue of concern.  An after-event analysis said Kiley mentioned it too, but I watched the entire debate twice, and I did not hear that.

We also glimpsed a little of each candidate’s character.  Jones showed his concern for healthcare cost and quality.  This is not a salient issue in 2022, so it seems a personal priority for him.  Kiley was the more rehearsed debater, but appeared almost robotic in closing remarks.

Scott Corey


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