Letter to the Editor: A slogan that will definitely gain attention

I was recently staring into the distance at Carey’s having a delicious latte and overheard a conversation about new tourism slogans for our alluring county. And while I was not a part of the conversation all of them seemed to gloss over our reality or have been used exhaustively. And then it dawned on me. “PluCo. Come to do your crime, Stay for the beauty.” Why not?

After months and months of our local law enforcement pleading with our indifferent board of supervisors, perhaps a billboard like that plastered along the I-5 corridor would garner some attention. Albeit the wrong attention, attention is needed.

When our sheriff states that staffing from the jail, patrolling and dispatch is overtaxed with long hours with no end in sight, there is a problem.

When our sheriff states that county provided insurance is no longer affordable, there is a problem.


When our sheriff states that your 911 call may go unanswered due to low staffing, there is a problem.

When our sheriff states that two patrol cars…two, will be patrolling the county due to staffing, a county double the size of the state of Rhode Island, there is a problem.

When our sheriff states that we cannot retain law enforcement or recruit new law enforcement, there is a problem.

When our sheriff states that our new jail may be in jeopardy after years of planning and grant approvals, there is a problem.

See where this is going? I think the only problem here, is not the passion of our men and women in uniform keeping our county safe. The problem is our inadequate board of supervisors and their singular talent of burying their heads in the sand.

So spread the word and hopefully ignite the spark to get stuff done! “PluCo. Come to do the crime, stay for the beauty.”


Christopher Rouse Islas Hernandez
Indian Valley