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Letter to the Editor: A vote for Mimi Garner is a vote for a brighter future for Plumas County

Plumas County is a wonderful place to live, and our community deserves the enthusiasm and forward-looking ideas Mimi will bring to the Board of Supervisors. Mimi is not only a generous and caring person who took care of her invalid sister and offered a room to stranger in need of a place to stay, she has been successful in technology, farming, and real estate business ventures.
Mimi has unlimited energy and enthusiasm for moving Plumas County forward.

She has creative ideas for helping our community by enhancing tourism, promoting recreation, improving public transit, working to open the Feather River Inn, developing affordable housing, and working on programs for seniors.

Mimi is collaborative and a good listener. She wants an open dialog between the Board of Supervisors and the community.

Mimi will work to run the County like a business and take advantage of the large amount of grant money now available for rural communities such as ours. This is Federal and State money that comes from our taxes; and if we don’t take advantage of grant opportunities, others will. Grant money can be used for fire management, housing, transportation, and numerous other needs facing our County.

Incumbent District 5 Supervisor Jeff Engel (aka Mr. No), has voted against numerous funding proposals while a supervisor and acknowledged that he has never written a grant.

A vote for MIMI GARNER is a vote for smart business and a bright future for our community.

Ray Stewart


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