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Letter to the Editor: About my dad — Bill Powers

A word about my dad, Bill Powers, County Supervisor Candidate, District 1

When my sister, Andrea, and I would get in trouble as kids, Dad would spend what felt like hours upon hours encouraging us to share our thoughts and feelings and reasons behind our actions. It felt like a particularly cruel torture to me and I just wanted to be given my punishment and sent to my room like other kids. Now I appreciate the time he took to help us develop our sense of right and wrong.

As our soccer coach, Dad always stressed working well with others and how to win and lose with equal grace. He was at every tennis match, track meet, and show choir performance. He took us camping and taught us how to gut and cook the fish we caught. Dad lights up when he tells stories about his adventures as a wildland firefighter, his time at Chico State, and the students he has taught through the years.

When Highway 70 was closed and I was desperate to get home during one of my first weekends away at college, Dad drove to meet me in Genesee in the middle of the night to escort me over the pass. As a little kid, time after time I tried to spend the night at my friends’ houses but would get too scared and homesick and would have to call my parents to come get me. And time after time they showed up when I needed them until I finally felt safe enough to stay.

As our family watched the Loyalton fire build over the ridge at Lake Davis, Dad enjoyed kayaking around with Mom while simultaneously keeping a pulse on the growth of the fire and making plans with other City of Portola officials about evacuation sites and how to support the safety efforts. When we traveled to Ireland, my friends marveled that my dad spent much of our vacation happily tucked away in our rental house brainstorming ideas to help our community. Plumas County is in his blood.

Mom, Andrea and I tease and roll our eyes at his endless puns and jokes, but secretly we think he’s pretty darned funny. He still dances with my mom, and holds her hand and they do well in a canoe together.

Dad grew up hunting deer in these woods but hasn’t seen a buck in several seasons so now just enjoys walking quietly in the forest or getting firewood. He’s fished the same tiny stream on opening day for nearly 70 years.

Rather than read us bedtime stories, Dad made up his own adventure stories about Brandon the Bull. Before bed I would climb up on the washing machine for my piggyback ride to bed on Dad’s sturdy back. He makes the best Chili Verde I’ve ever tasted.

Dad would do anything for any of the people he loves. Or strangers. He almost can’t help himself. He has to put his superhero cape on and go to work. As a therapist in Plumas County, I continually encounter old students of Dad’s who tell me how much he cared and changed their lives. I get my unwavering commitment to honesty from him.

He took care of Grandma Mabel selflessly everyday into her late 90s. Whatever she needed. Whatever any of us needs. He’s there. Be careful if you mention that you need something to Dad because you WILL get his help.

Dad believes in people and what they are capable of. He builds people up to be their very best. He listens and will do his best for you and for this county. He has an uncanny ability to hear and understand all sides of an issue and manifest a solution that pleases all parties.

Obviously, I am completely biased, but I truly believe that because of his heart, integrity, fairness, and action mindedness, Dad is the best choice for County Supervisor. He will support and make changes where changes are needed and he will stay the course where things need to be kept consistent. Thank you for voting.

Becky Powers



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