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Letter to the Editor: About the sign



I think people need to get off their “politically correctness” high horse and stop “therapizing” every word or joke, pun, saying, or punch line. Is this really what your concerns you? Not the fact that our schools have derailed our children in education, inflation is killing the working men, woman, and retired or that our government has become so big that they feel that “We the People” that voted them in- are no longer capable to make decisions on our health, finances, religious beliefs, education, and even gender. This sign?

If you care about these things, I hope you spent the same amount of time you spent to share your rant and rave and write your congressman! This sign your kids see and read? Let me tell you the time they spend on the phone, television, internet, and even the crap they are learning in school is a thousand times worse than this sign. We need to start the “letter writing” a little higher up on the food chain so-to-speak.

Yes, I am a woman, yes I have 3 children and yes it’s a mix of boys and girls. I’m trying to lead by example with a good moral compass, hard work and thick skin, because they will need it for what this world is turning into- having to “defend” every little position, instead of being able to focus on the larger issues. I do not feel “de-valued” by that sign, I have a little more depth and insight than that.

Wendy Stewart


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