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Letter to the Editor: Afterwards

Ask most people if they care enough about politics to go to war and they’ll respond with an emphatic no. Most people truly do not care enough about politics to go to war over their choices.

People do care about people though, and thousands of people are busy now trying to interject common sense into the minds of everyone. However some of the incensed people seem to be quite literally out-of-control, and reaching them may be out of a normal person’s ability to influence and change.

After this near decade of hate and intolerance by so many on both sides of the political divide, how will you feel afterwards, when you either chose Civil War or you didn’t?

How will those of you who took part in a war, and wiped away your tears when your hands were covered in the blood of fellow humans, feel? How will anyone carry on a normal life after enduring a war?

Time is one thing that never stops, and as time keeps going there becomes an afterwards, and we all must live with our choices, afterwards.

Peter Skeels
Lake Almanor, Ca

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