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Letter to the Editor: Agree with Helene Day

Once again Helene Day has spelled it out very succinctly and to the point, for EVERYONE. I don’t believe there is anyone out there who can honestly think Helene was not speaking directly to him/her.

I feel like I’ve just gotten the ‘lecture’ from my father about something I had done, that I knew was wrong, but did it anyway. So I now sit here, eyes downcast, accepting the chastisement…..thinking (if not saying out loud) you’re right and I’m sorry.

I think this letter should be required reading; I don’t believe there is anyone who reads her letter can honestly say, they cannot find their own thoughts/beliefs, words or actions somewhere in this essay.

We are ALL in this mud hole and it’s time we admit it, rinse off and start to clean up the mess. No one is without some responsibility for creating the condition in which we now find ourselves, and no one should be sitting back, waiting for someone else to fix it.

Thank you again Helene for putting things into the proper perspective and for putting me in me in my place.

Dee Kelly


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