Letter to the Editor: Agree with Sara and Ava – supervisors do the right thing

Thank you Sara Bishop.

You were able to say what I have been fighting to find words for all week.

Of course it is true that everyone, well most everyone, is facing financial difficulties right now. And people who have lost homes and businesses are showing tremendous courage in rebuilding their lives and their community.

Many of us found that the gratitude of having a home to return to was masking the trauma that hit us hard this summer.
And while I was safely evacuated, county employees were working hard to keep the county going, keep me informed, keep us all safe. Why would we turn our backs on them and say they should shoulder the burden for another year?

C’mon Supervisors! Do the right thing! Find a way to get the raises and the recruitment this county needs. If that means raising my taxes, yeah, I will cry at night, but it isn’t fair that the public employees are the only ones crying.

Darrah Hopper