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Letter to the Editor: Alternative approach to FRLT Heart K


In September I wrote a letter to the FRLT Executive Director and two members of his staff. My concern was, and is, barbed wire fencing that crosses Indian Creek and the damage and fouling that occurs as a result of cattle in this stream. I received a reply from the Regional Manager mentioning improvements In the future but no words to suggest it was a long term goal of the FRLT to deny cattle access to Indian Creek.

Since it it seems common knowledge that cattle ranching at the Heart K has resulted in conservation degradation issues perhaps a different tack should be considered; instead of cattle ranching a more wildlife/botanical friendly use of this unique property.

But what about the net income that cattle ranching provides for the FRLT? Perhaps enough donors would commit to additional annual funds to cover the loss. For the many benefits involved I would pledge to join such a plan.

Can we explore this possibility?

David Lind
Genesee Road

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