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Letter to the Editor: And when the Chinese were ready, they …

…Decided that the world needed to be tested. The question was the kind of tests to use. After long and serious deliberations, it was decided to release a dangerous virus all over the world. It was done and it is now known as COVID -19. Millions of people died all over the world including a million “or so” in the USA. Nobody, no country, to include the United Nations, did anything. The world basically agreed that the release of the virus was an accident. That attitude put the matter to rest, was the hope. China was happy!

The next step was probing the seaports in the United States. They amassed hundreds of ships and anchored them all around the USA. It did not only provide turmoil but the Chinese collected valuable information about the depths of the ocean floors in the areas as well as mapping the ingress and egress of the various major harbors. Now they know what size ship could be utilized if needed in a wartime setting to include submarines. We, our Government did nothing!

The problem now was the question of controlling country when occupied. The Chinese simply applied a method which had been tried before China had a history of drug abuse. Some blamed the English that they addicted the masses in China which resulted in the Opium Wars. The addiction ruined the local economy as well as business with foreign nations. Mao and his troops killed millions of Chinese and put a stop to the opium problem. We have a border problem and Fentanyl is smuggled into our country. The drug has already murdered over 100,000 young people and is endangering our nation. It is made in China, packaged in Mexico and Arizona, distributed in the USA. Our Government does nothing and tells us that the border is closed and secure. We — that is, our leaders — will soon have a congressional hearing on the problem. Thus far, our fearless leaders did nothing, except talk.

Now we have shot down some airborne things such as a balloon and other objects. The balloon was diverted by strong winds which forced it to fly over our military bases. Our President referred to the invasion as probably acts of private companies, recreational, or research. The Communist Party is a private company, like all other companies in commy countries, and it was recreational because the commies really thought that our reply was hilarious and, of course, knowing our harbors and military basis was the result of research. Our leaders did nothing! So, what’s next? Dear US Government, the people of China have decided that we must take action to return Formosa to the control of its rightful owners, the People of China. We shall take action on the 4th of July, 2023. If you in anyway hinder our efforts, we shall destroy your military bases and harbors. We have the photos and collected intelligence. Sincerely,

Jan Klement


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