Letter to the Editor: Applaud the success

This is a letter I sent to JoDee Read CEO, Darren Beatty, COO of PDH and all personnel involved in the huge success of the the Quincy Covid Vaccination Center.

Dear JoDee and Darren,

Thank you for the excellent strategic planning and flawless roll-out of the operation that you and your staff developed to manage the Quincy Covid Vaccination Center.

Of course everyone who was scheduled for vaccinations were elated to be there, and happy for the opportunity to begin (or finish) the process. Spirits were high. Added to this, we experienced the harmonious interaction and perfect coordination of all who were involved in the process.


Personally, I felt welcomed to the center with a happy smile and given a dose of hand sanitizer to start my visit. My paperwork was ready for me to fill out, and cards were given to me which included my second appointment for my final injection. I did not have to wait long until my turn at the injection table, and there again, more smiles and caring. While I was waiting my 15 minutes, I noticed actions that made me proud to live in Plumas County:

• Everyone was smiling and courteous.
• The flight crew was eager to help with anyone who had disabilities, including assistance to
their vehicles.
• They kept an eye on us, on the lookout for reactions from the injection.

All in all, I applaud everyone who had a part in this huge undertaking and great success. I spent much of my career as an Organizational Development professional at all levels of the federal government, and did not find one improvement that could be made.

Karen Thomas