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Letter to the Editor: Appreciate the Visitor Center

I want to comment on the article ‘Where I Stand: We are so much more than a Visitor Center’ that was written by Jan Tew – Lost Sierra Visitor Center Director and Julie Earls – Lost Sierra Chamber Executive Director.

Despite all of our technology, there is nothing that replaces a live person that knows her/his community and county tourism and recreational offerings. Plumas County is a large county and both Jan and Julie do their best to promote all of Plumas County and surrounding attractions. I applaud them for their tireless efforts and to help lift our tourist-based economy after the Dixie Fire. I especially want to thank them for distributing much needed information from the State Parks and the Forest Service when their offices were closed due to COVID.

We are lucky to have hard-working people strive to help our businesses and economy. I feel very strongly that Plumas County should help support the Chambers and Visitor Centers. That investment will have huge payoffs for everyone. We need a good, full year of tourism despite our Dixie Fire challenges. The Chambers and Visitor Centers will help us greatly in accomplishing that.

Clint Koble
Hamilton Branch

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