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Letter to the Editor: As a former sheriff, I support Todd Johns

Plumas County Sheriff Election: Administrative experience:

Sheriff Johns was promoted from Patrol Sergeant to Administrative Sergeant in 2006; he held that position until 2016 at which time he was promoted to Patrol Commander. In 2019, the Board of Supervisors appointed Todd Johns to Sheriff.

Mr Cline was appointed special operations sergeant in 2016, a position he held for one year, then retired. None of the Sheriff’s he worked for, tapped him for administration. Sheriffs MacKenzie, Stoy, Gardner, Bergstrand and Hagwood. (Sheriffs know their personnel and share information with one another).

Sheriff Johns and Mr. Cline’s newspaper interview:

Mr Cline stated he liked working in all communities, what else was he going to say, he hated them, he worked where he was assigned. Mr Cline said if Sheriff Johns was elected there would be a “mass exodus” and that is why he decided to run. Sheriff Johns has been Sheriff for over 2 years, no “exodus”. Mr Cline stated that Sheriff Johns is in over his head. Lets see, 15 plus years admin, 2 plus years as Sheriff that led us through the pandemic, historical fires and continued to carry out all other duties of the Office, equals in over your head? Mr Cline also said there was a morale problem in the department that could improve if the right people were tapped to work in the department. He wasn’t tapped,umm.

Sheriff Johns acknowledged there are issues within the department, overworked, underpaid, short-staffed and employees working under difficult times. Sheriff Johns said when he became Sheriff he made promotions that made some unhappy. There are always some happy, some unhappy at promotion time.

I worked 3 different departments over a 35 year career in law enforcement, 30 in Plumas and they all had fluctuating morale problems, some the Sheriff has control over some he does not.

Sheriff Johns has always been listed in the phone book; Mr Cline never has; who’s most available to the public.

It does not seem logical to me to replace somebody that is doing an outstanding job with inexperience.

Terry Bergstrand


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