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Letter to the Editor: As a Plumas County Supervisor, I support Todd Johns

As many have said, our county has been hit hard over the past couple of years between COVID and catastrophic fires. Maneuvering between the two has not been an easy task for anyone.  In the course of this time, I have worked with Todd Johns on many issues that have come up during these unprecedented times.

I support Todd Johns for Plumas County Sheriff.  Throughout the Dixie Fire, Todd worked with many agencies and created strong relationships with neighboring counties and multiple federal and state agencies that were able to provide support to families within in our county during and after the fires. These working relationships that were created with different agencies will continue to benefit Plumas County as we work through the rebuilding process as well as if any future devastations hit our area.

During the Dixie Fire our county was hit with evacuations, loss of homes, and loss of a whole community.  This is something we have not had to deal with before in our area, and maneuvering through all of this as it hit so quickly was not an easy task. Throughout that time, Todd and the department evacuated and repopulated roughly half of the population over a two-month period. They coordinated Law Enforcement mutual aid assistance from 68 agencies state-wide while assisting the public with multiple issues like collecting animals, providing escorts as they could and still running the agency.

Todd started working aggressively with OES to start the recovery process prior to the fire being contained. Todd met with OES and gave them a list of things the county needed which OES has mostly fulfilled. Todd asked OES for and received 100 refrigerators, this was one of many things that helped victims return to their residences. Todd also asked for things like five million to assist the county, long term housing and recovery etc… and OES has given them basically everything that has been asked for. This was a huge undertaking for a very small agency and the staff at the Sheriff’s Office, but they were able to do it well and provide support to the community during this time.

I have found Todd Johns to have strong leadership and integrity and vision for the future of the department and serving Plumas County moving forward.  This is why I support Todd Johns for Sheriff.

Dwight Ceresola

Plumas County Supervisor

District 1

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