Letter to the Editor: As an American, I am ashamed

Dear Patriot.
It doesn’t matter one whit which political ‘party’ you tie yourself to. If you consider yourself a member of the human race — an American — you should be watching, listening to the Impeachment Trial to see just how far down we Americans have fallen. The is not “manufacturing” of facts. It’s live video, live voices, actual accounts from insurrectionists and victims, witnesses, to this horrific event. There is NO argument that can be made that these actions are justified.
We all need to Recognize just what is being done here to our DEMOCRACY , the single most idea that have given the United States of America, leadership in the World.
The case the House Prosecutors are making that a sitting President of the United States is shown to be the “Head of the Snake” is being supported unquestionably with hard facts.
How can We as Americans accept this behavior! From the President, from ANYONE who is proven to be complicit and allow it to go away with out accountability
TAKE THIS OUT OF THE POLITICAL ARENA and place it squarely on the shoulders of every American. Those who speak out and those who don’t, we are all guilty of allowing this to happen.

Dee Kelly