Letter to the Editor: Be wary of the trees

While running a transect in the Plumas NF in about 1959, there was a big ponderosa dead center on my strip. It was flat-topped by the winds, and the contorted branches up there were really rockin’. So I ran up to it, clicking my tallywhacker to keep track of my paces, thinkin’ about the flattened hardhat I saw covering the mess where what was left of the logger’s head was while they carried his body out on a stretcher.
I hugged the trunk of the ponderosa and worked my way ’round to the other side. I took another compass-sighting and made another run for my mark. I got about ten paces out and one of those big widow-makers hit the ground just behind me.
Take care, everybody!
An old Plumas-lover . . .
Wayne Tyson
Be extra careful in town. Urban trees tend to get root- and stem-damage, making them weaker. If they’re leaning that’s a bad sign.