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Letter to the Editor: Bike lanes

To the letter write from Graeagle. I was born and raised in Quincy but now currently live in the central valley. I’ve seen the same hatred against cyclists down here when the discussion of bike lanes comes up it’s like well they don’t pay gas or road taxes so I always reply with well it’s SO obvious you’re onboard with doing away with crosswalks since pedestrians don’t pay said taxes and all I hear is crickets. You said cyclists need to go find some place else to ride, may I ask you where that would be? Or are are you unaware for some people bicycles are their only mode of transportation or for others it’s for health reasons. I myself have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure . My doctors said the best treatment is to stay as active as possible. I’m 60 years old and ride up to 60-70 miles a week.

Steven Stratton

Central Valley

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