Letter to the Editor: BLAH BLAH BLAH – negotiations for raising the debt limit OR NOT!

This is a general question to anyone who can explain the situation—— how is it WISE to let the US economy tank for the sake of a ‘political’ win

With prices steadily increasing for just about everything for the past 3+ years is it possible to expect Government spending cuts when ‘their’ costs for the same ‘items’ have also steadily risen without any changes to line items.   My basic household living expenses have increased with no end in sight.
 I think most Americans are cutting costs wherever! possible just to break even each month, let alone get ahead. Are Some, in government, hoping to strangle the economy in this country  for the sake of a Party ‘win’.
‘Personally’ my own debt ceiling has risen not because I’m buying ‘more’ BUT because the same things cost more!   But my income has not increased. Should I cut out health or auto insurance premiums, cut transportation costs by only working 3 days a week, cut down to eating only one meal a day, take my kids to work with me two days a week but leave them to play in the park because I don’t have enough money for 5-day daycare.  Let my mortgage payments get behind to buy food or medications instead and chance losing my home. These are not ridiculous scenarios, they are very real to many people.
Dee Kelly