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Letter to the Editor: Blinded by science

I’m not political any longer, but if many listened to me, they’d call me an “eeevil” right winger. Nope.

This morning I’m trying to revive a wasp that evidently got locked inside yesterday — it doesn’t look good. Usually at this time I’m relocating other cute little flying bugs that have antennae, and are trying to find a winter shelter. That’s when I’m not relocating spiders stuck in the bathtub in the middle of the winter, “butt nekkid,” out to safety in the woodpile.

It’s this empathy from having learned to feel others’ pain that makes me sad every day now, witnessing the pain our fellow world citizens are enduring on account of an unproven boogieman called COVID.
I’ve seen and felt so much suffering, but the one example that hits me every day involves a sweet elderly mother in an adult facility who I watched in a video. Her son is visiting, on the other side of the plexiglass. He’s not allowed human contact with his dying mother. Perhaps she has dementia and can’t speak, but her loving face speaks. She’s lonely, she gestures to him with her hands. Her hands are saying “come to me son,” but he can’t hold her! He’ll likely never hug her again. She’ll be locked in the hermetically sealed room until death. Now multiply her times millions of adults who built this country, and pass the Kleenex please.

But the thoughtless ouroboros who seem to prevail in this Twilight Zone country are already labeling me wreckless for having such a view. They likely have done no unbiased research or critical thinking on this newest fear campaign. They won’t question the narrative. They believe the agenda driven corporate whitecoats and “experts” without question. And most importantly, their fear trumps their reason, so their false virtue signalling is actually self centered apathy for others’ painful circumstances.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching, reading, listening and critically thinking the truth and lies of the germ THEORY based supposition that COVID is transmissible, however very simple and fundamental inconsistencies in the official narrative exist. Here are a few from a much longer list:

1- Proof of transmissibility has not been established per Koch’s postulates without moving the goalposts.
2- No virus has been isolated independent of tissue culture.
3- RT PCR test inventor Kerry Mullis is on record stating that his test apparatus is not useful in identifying viruses.
4- There are mainstream sources, showing in CDC’s own numbers, that around 95 percent of the fake US death count passed from age and/or pre-existing conditions. Hospitals are being financially incentivised to label cause of death as (OF COVID).
5- Over 30,000 doctors and related professionals have bravely spoken out against this lie.
6- There is no proof that COVID started in China or escaped from Wuhan labs. This is in the “Q” conspiracy realm, likely reported by  an anonymous source otherwise known as “Wuhan Luke”.
7- Oh yeah, Coronavirus is listed on the back of Lysol and many other anti-bacterials, has been forever…

I’d like to kindly request that Plumas County health director Andrew Woodruff or Dr. Mark Satterfield (or an associate) to respond to this letter in a follow up; as to why our assertions are wrong, and why PC will likely soon be forced into another engineered lockdown. Let’s hear the proof. Please, “Blind us with $cience”.

Robert Milne

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