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Letter to the Editor: Board of Supes distinguishes itself again

At their Sept. 28th meeting the board of supervisors voted down the requirement that county healthcare workers be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

I’m hoping the board members will take the next logical step in protecting our individual rights by rejecting state laws that require drivers’ licenses in order to drive on public roadways. Surely there is no greater violation of our personal freedom than this requirement. We have a God-given right to drive without licenses. I think it’s even in the constitution.

The idea that drivers’ licensing requirements promote public safety is obviously false. I’ve googled it and can prove conclusively that the majority of car accidents involve licensed drivers, clearly proving that drivers’ licenses offer no protection.

The most invasive aspect of the licensing requirement is the vision test. That the state should subject you to a medical procedure such as this is clearly a violation of personal freedom and a sure indication that we are on the road to socialism.

It amazes me that blind people have not risen up to protest this outrageous discrimination and invasion of privacy. The fact that some people with visual deficits can still obtain a license by simply wearing corrective lenses is obviously just a plot on the part of the American Optometric Association to increase their profits.

Furthermore, I read on the internet that there is a chip implanted in drivers’ licenses enabling the government to track your location. This is obviously the reason for requiring you to have your license with you at all times while operating a vehicle.

It’s not that I’m totally against drivers’ licenses. I’ve got one myself. But I believe it should be an individual choice, rather than a blanket requirement imposed by tyrannical government, backed up with threats of fines and penalties.

I hope the board will begin to lift this onerous burden on Plumas County by at least ceasing to require that county school bus drivers have licenses. My thanks to the board of supervisors for taking steps to protect us. I look forward to their next forward-thinking actions on behalf of the public’s welfare.

Stephanie Leaf







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