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Letter to the Editor: Cascades Trailhead 18-Hole Disc Golf

Quincy people should know that a local disc golf club has received an RAC grant to install an 18-hole, all-seasons disc golf course on both sides of the road leading into the Cascades Trail (near Keddie).  Eighteen free-standing metal baskets will be installed. The club’s hope is to host large tournaments.

Comparable tournaments in Truckee attract 60 plus participants.

This project is rapidly moving forward on an exclusion, allowing the USFS to choose not to notify the community.  Upon finding flags where the baskets will be installed, neighbors called the USFS to inquire. These same Cascades neighbors for years have been the area’s informal stewards: cleaning up trash and human waste, monitoring for fires, and advocating for bathrooms. Their input and that of the community at large should have been sought.

As a result of recent South Park area improvements, we now have bikers, equestrians, hikers, rafters, kayakers, swimmers and fisherman enjoying the area. Isn’t that enough? The uptick in traffic has already impacted the neighborhood with increased dust and speeding. The USFS does not consider this their concern; I was told “you will have to talk to the county about that.” Shouldn’t we ALL be working together?

The disc golf club has voiced good intentions: they will respect the area, defer to walkers as they pass, etc. But they have neglected to honor the value of quiet, senior-accessible outdoor space that is free of manmade objects. Nor can they take responsibility for increased risk of fire due to smoking or careless behavior resulting from drinking that is often associated with this leisurely sport.

Leslie Edlund ([email protected]) is graciously providing information and receiving input. Specify that your email be entered into the record for consideration.

Deb Hopkins


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