Letter to the Editor: Cell towers and cancer

My name is Virginia Farver and I’m from Colorado. I’m writing you about 5G inside your city. I lost a son from GBM brain cancer in 2008. Rich was a student at SDSU in San Diego. He was involved in a ‘Brain Cancer Cluster’ of men — four men who all worked in Nasatir Hall, room 131. There is a huge government cell tower directly outside of Nasatir Hall on top of the communications building. About four months ago (2021) one of the professors on campus gave me another list of victims since 2008. This must stop.

The cell tower itself is HPWREN (high performance wireless research & educational network) a backbone node to the UCSD Supercomputer Center. HPWREN is mission control for SDG&E.

I’m in the film ‘Take Back Your Power’ https://www.takebackyourpower.net. This is a film about an investigation into the smart grid/meters. Also, Author Katie Singer wrote a book for me titled “An Electronic Silent Spring.” https://www.electronicsilentspring.com. Frank Clegg the former head of Microsoft Canada endorsed this book.

I have also investigated a cancer cluster at the La Quinta Middle School from 2004 and again in 2015. The Carlsbad Kelly Elementary School cancer cluster, the Weston Elementary cancer cluster in Ripon CA, Rocky Mt. High (Fort Collins, CO) and lastly the UCSD Breast Cancer Cluster. ALL were from wireless overexposures and DE (Dirty Electricity). I just won a lawsuit in the Washington 9th District Court on August 13, 2021. This was through the CHD (Childrens Health Defense) with Robert Kennedy Jr.


Please, help us get these 5G networks taken down. All surveillance and all with mm waves which cook eyeballs and can also burn the skin. I can only imagine the rates of cancers that will go up. FYI…when a cell phone goes up in G’s, it makes any pathogen/illness much, much worse. These residents are smart to know the scam of 5G and the damaging effects!

I have attached a picture of the cell tower at SDSU, HPWREN. Nasatir Hall, room 131 would have been located approximately 200′ down on the left. Please, notice the dead tree foliage. I have many docs about illegal emissions as well.

Virginia Farver