Letter to the Editor: CHP on the highway

CHP is unbelievable at times. I was in a line at the road delay on Highway 70, a few miles east of Quincy. The CHP patrol car behind me, after 10 minutes, decided to pull in front of all of us with no lights on or any indication. What gives that officer the right to cut in front of all of us? Furthermore after being escorted by the Caltrans escort car, I saw two more CHP vehicles from the opposite direction. CHP seems to have this mentality just because they have a cop car, uniform, guns, and a badge gives them extra rights and privileges. These unelected officers are disgraced to this country when practicing this kind of mentality where they exempt themselves from the law. Furthermore, many times I have been tailed by them, I make it a point to pull over in the turnouts or wherever it is safe to pull over. I have never of the 6 years that I have lived in this area, they show any signs of gratitude. On the contrary, Plumas County Sheriffs always show gratitude by turning on their lights for which I am forever grateful. Keep up the good work deputies……
CHP make a note of it if you can find it in your egos…..
Gary Bryant
Chair Pro Tem
Plumas Libertarian Party