Letter to the Editor: Climate chains and the LA Times article

This is about the LA Times article mentioned in the latest “Greenville Rising” article.

I told you this would happen. You…us…we’re on the “burn ‘em up list.” We’re not “sustainable,” us “hicks.” And the LA fish wrapper is proving that to us. They’ve done their best to opine that rural California towns and cities devastated by wildfire should not be rebuilt.

I must admit, the MSM writers of the hit piece “California spends billions rebuilding burned towns. The case for calling it quits” finesse every possible nuance of political division into their agenda based article, including climate change, “Trumpism,” white guilt, and even a hit on Sue Weber, who they state was a nun, but spoke with “characteristic, sometimes foul-mouthed frankness.”

California is being arson attacked! The world is being attacked…and the agenda is uniform; it’s climate change changeover time.


These fires in the last five or so years leave many questions unanswered, and we’ll never get true answers. During the Dixie fire, the new Cal-Fire head stated “Every acre in California can and WILL burn.” Do they have Nostradamus on the payroll? Or is this the plan?

Let’s look at the bigger picture. The Ukraine war was not started by little Putin. Events of this magnitude happen by orders from above; the WEF, the UN, the Federal Reserve, IMF, World bank, and a plethora of God wannabees like Gates, Soros, Schwab, etc..

The Ukraine conflict has blown up energy prices for Europeans. Heating and electric costs are soaring hundreds of percent, and if a remedy is not applied, millions will die this winter.

This war, just like the arson war being waged in the American West, provides the impetus to force whole populations to accept the new plans the UN has laid since the 1992 Rio Earth Summit (Agenda 21).


Populations will be driven off the lands, and into the new “Smart Cities” yet to be built. And all fossil fuels will be eliminated. In place will arise micro-grids and mega-grids, consisting of solar, wind, geo-thermal. Huge battery banks will store power for off season. This will not sustain life as we know it.

This was a good article that might show left wing climate changers who live rural that climate change is a ruse, a means to an end, and maybe their own end.

The situation in the world right now is existential, as the real terrorists implement their long awaited transition to “green” energy. We, who live now, will bear the brunt of this brutal transition that’s being forced upon us.

Now, more than ever, is an opportunity for far-left politically driven people to drop the frikkin’ politics and help us out a little. The WEF and Davos mega corporations are not friends of the earth.


Stop believing any MSM source left or right. Money and truth don’t mix. Have more faith in your own people; listen to podcasts, read articles, from smaller sources that aren’t so connected to big money bribery. It’s now or never people…

Robert Milne