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Letter to the Editor: Climate Change-The big lie. (My last shot, maybe)

It is a common practice among politicians and some news reporters to lie. They know that if you lie to the people enough times or long enough that some will eventually believe it.

The big lie about what is causing climate change has created a crisis that does not exist. The lie is not that the climate is changing, always has, always will. The lie is the cause of the change in the climate. No one is addressing how we (the peoples around the world) are going to deal with the environmental shifts that define climate change. We will either adapt or perish. That is a law (not a hypothesis or theory) of existence that cannot be denied. There is nothing we can do about forces we have no control over. We can only respond and adapt or make room for those that do. As I have demonstrated before the CO2 (carbon dioxide) and CO4 (methane) concentrations in the atmosphere are very small and there are natural systems that maintain the concentrations within certain (yet to be defined) ranges.

We are told we must address the causes of the change. What are the causes? No one knows! That is fact. You can believe someone knows, with all your heart, but that does not make it so. Scientist will tell you that. Some scientists have a hypothesis, some have elevated it to a theory but that is all it is, conjecture. Even if all of the scientists support the theory (which they all do not) it is still theory. (The same as evolution is still theory not a scientific certainty. See, bet you believe in evolution as fact. You’ve been told enough times and long enough that you even drop the word theory when you speak of evolution. Or the concept of electrons spinning around a nucleus of an atom. Fact, right? Nope. That is only a model and as such has the same limitations of any model and is being adjusted as more is learned about subatomic particles and more hypotheses are explored.)

Is our ego so great that we believe we can control the forces of the universe? We can no more stop the rain from coming than we can make it rain when we want it. The vote is still out as to whether cloud seeding actually works. It can be shown using mathematical models and statistics that cloud seeding may increase rain fall amounts or may be able to reduce damaging hail production. No one is making it rain. They may be able to increase the amount of rainfall over a given area but those downstream from the seeding operation are not going to be very happy when their rain falls several hundred miles before it reaches them and they don’t get any or very little. No one can make it rain if the air mass is dry. They are not making it rain. They are not controlling the weather. Not yet anyway.

Our existence is being fundamentally altered due to the big lie about what is causing climate change.

Phil Shafer
Quincy, CA

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