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Letter to the Editor: Close call by thoughtless and selfish people

Last Saturday, July 31, my partner and I enjoyed a great hike around Long Lake in Lakes Basin, a treasured spot for those of us who revere this region.

We stopped for a swim on the north rocky shore of the lake. As we were looking across the lake to a little island close to the lake’s east shore, we suddenly saw smoke and an unattended fire shooting flames into the air.  Horrified, we rushed around the lake, over the dam, and down to where we could access the island, hoping to extinguish it before things got worse—potentially far worse.

Two boaters on the lake arrived just before us and doused the fire with buckets that they luckily had with them.

We all shook our heads at the idiots who started this fire and left it to burn a  beautiful landscape. This was not a designated fire ring in a campsite, but instead, a fire built in a non-camping area in a remote forest during a year of extreme and unprecedented fire danger and destruction.

Smokey Bear says, “Only you can prevent forest fires.”
Tragically, thoughtless and selfish people cause them too.

Cheryl Duniphin


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