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Letter to the Editor: Closing the prison is good government

Losing your job thru no fault of your own is always devastating. The Lassen prison is being closed for a number of reasons and is simply based on criteria that weigh each prison. The Lassen prison failed to meet the criteria. As expected from Democrats, the 1,000 Lassen prison employees will be offered jobs at other prison facilities.

The California prison inmate population has declined 21 percent in the last few years due to new criminal justice reforms voted on by Californians and COVID-19. It will also save taxpayers $122 million. So, closing prisons was/is appropriate. It is what you would expect from a Democratic controlled state that values effective efficient governance.

Unfortunately, being laid off is almost commonplace since the mid 1990’s when our government made it easy and profitable for businesses to close American factories and offshore production to foreign countries. Over 55,000 factories have been closed this way. The corporate executives laid off these employees usually without any financial assistance as corporations only care about profits and money in their pockets. And then there is the phenomenon of Republican Presidents (most notably Bush Jr. and Trump) who always crash our economy resulting in millions of Americans losing their jobs and their homes, but amazingly, the wealthy always come out ahead.

And why is it that our State district politicians, the Dahle husband/wife team, were unaware of what is going on in California government, especial when it affects their constituents? The answer is easy: they, like all Republicans don’t believe in democratic governance and would prefer to ‘work’ only once every two years like Texas and the Republican fools who want a State of Jefferson. What a huge insult to the name Jefferson. And, let us not forget that the Republican Party wants to end democracy in the USA altogether and replace it with a dictatorship.

Yes, this is exactly why we vote for Democrats. This is why we voted for Governor Newsom. Closing the prison is good government. The Democratic Party (not the ‘democrat party’ which doesn’t exist) is the party of the people and good governance who want to preserve our democracy for all Americans.

Mark Mihevc


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