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Letter to the Editor: Come on Republicans …

Gee, it’s nice to see conservative politicians, pundits, and poobas coming around on the Covid vaccine.  Duh, it took ‘em a long time to get smart!  So how many thousands of American deaths has their hesitancy and misinformation caused?  They don’t care!  Anyway, as usual, the liberals are right again.  You know like they were on the right side of  slavery, cigarettes, civil rights, acid rain, lying, gravity.  Now us Socialist liberals got to get the Republicans to come around on climate change before our world is NOT INHABITABLE.  (120,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the air every day) Remember how Paradise became hell.  One other little  item.  Republicans are dismantling Democracy as fast as they can.

With hope

Don McKechnie

Sierraville, CA


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