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Letter to the Editor: Comment against proposed asphalt plant

Comment AGAINST proposed Asphalt plant in Delleker that threatens the Wild and Scenic Middle Fork of the Feather River.
(Hat Creek Construction Site Development Permit SDP 8-22/23-01)

Attached is the federal Wild & Scenic River Management Plan for the Middle Fork of the Feather River which includes a portion of the River adjacent to the pending asphalt plant in Delleker. https://www.rivers.gov/documents/plans/feather-plan.pdf

Note on page 5 of the Management Plan for this portion of the Recreation Zone of the Middle Fork: “The primary concern for the upper portion of the River is to insure against activities which will pollute or otherwise damage the rest of the river. To accomplish this purpose, the Forest Service will work with local governing bodies, landowners, the State and other Federal Agencies.”

Am I mistaken or did Hat Creek Construction leave out the US Forest Service & the Feather River Wild & Scenic Designation in their notification CEQA Draft for their proposed asphalt plant? Seems like the US Forest Service should be involved, and Plumas County may be complicit in this potentially damaging endeavor to the Middle Fork, the communities of Delleker, Clio and Graeagle. Asphalt, its petroleum components, fuel and lime all could easily enter the River just a few yards away during a spill or heavy rainfall from the proposed “temporary” 2-3 year project.

Plumas County should deny this permit for the asphalt plant to protect the Middle Fork and our communities in Eastern Plumas County. It’s just too close to the river.

Dave Valle
Portola, CA

CEQA Draft to Plumas County:

Note project site (red) immediately adjacent to Middle Fork within floodplain:

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