Letter to the Editor: Compliments to Public Health

This morning, my husband and I had our first COVID-19 vaccination at the clinic in Quincy at the Mormon Church. We cannot say enough positive things about the professional way this clinic was organized, staffed and run. There was no waiting in line. We were handed our information forms on clipboards, with pens and Vaccination Cards attached and an appointment for our second shot already noted, as soon as we gave the greeting table folks our names. As soon as we had filled out our forms, a volunteer picked up our clipboard, a nurse came and directed us to a table to receive our vaccine. We were then briefly assessed by a Paramedic and directed to an area of socially distanced chairs to wait for 15 minutes to ensure we had no issues. Plumas County Public Health is to be complimented on a job exceptionally well done. While the earlier phone signups were an exercise in frustration, this clinic and the people there this morning, could well be used as a model for the rest of our country. Thank you all!

Judy and Bill Gimple
Indian Valley