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Letter to the Editor: Consider the history

Something to think about when you vote.  The history of each party.  I’m not talking about the racist history that caused the parties to switch.  So don’t bring up guys like Lester Maddox or George Wallace.  I am talking about things like legislation and dishonesty.  Republicans (regressives) have given us the Depression, indictments and convictions, the Business Plot (look it up), 2008 economic meltdown, Afghan and Iraq war 9-11,  poison water in Jackson and Flint, Covid hoax (it was not), floods and fires, conspiracy theories, voter bullying. I better stop, I’m running out of breath.  Democrats (progressives) have given us: farm subsidies, soil conservation, Social Security, public health, clean air and water (oops, I forgot Republicans hate those things), civil liberties, and so many programs that help people and families and business and industry.  Today there is a huge difference between the parties, please consider that when you vote.

Don McKechnie

Sierraville, CA

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