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Letter to the Editor: Democrat policies harm children worldwide

I’m not an advocate of either political party, but the currently active party is the donkey ones. Here are some effects of the policies they so endorse; especially harmful to children.

1-Pushing for post- birth abortion. Actually murdering a newborn child? Do I need to go on?
2-Pushed an experimental injection on everyone, including children, all the way to newborns.
3-Advocating facilitated mass migration into America, in which many children get abducted and disappeared.
4-Pushing the forced hyper-sexualization of kindergarten aged kids.
5- Pushing forced LGBTQ indoctrination on children that aren’t even old enough to know what sexuality is. Children are coming home and telling their parents they’re trans, gay, they don’t even understand sex yet.
6- Providing resources for young kids to take hormone blockers or have genital modifications which can’t be undone.
7- The radicalization of youth, by teaching them to be “warriors”, Social Justice Warriors!
8-Forcing masking on kids in the developmental phase of bonding and learning. Now the “healthdare” facilities are offering rehabilitative courses (and making more mammon) to try to fix kids’ communication breakdowns.
9- Pumping a foreign war, on the side of The Azov Battalion, which poses as “Nazi” but is Communist Bolshevik to the core. That is murdering innocent Ukrainians and torturing them.
10- Supporting Biden’s endless money creation, which causes global inflation that triggered Democrats living in luxury, yapping about politics, won’t die from. But millions of people and children in “developing” countries will.

The Democrat platform, which has morphed from reasonable sixties anti-war activists, who were actually more “right” than today’s RINOs, into a radical left Progressive, spoiled brat cult of death, has no belonging in this world, or in humanity.

Robert Milne

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