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Letter to the Editor: Democrats won’t be dying of COVID

The current death count from COVID19 is over 700,000 Americans. That’s about 1 in 478 Americans who have died of COVID. The 7-day moving average for COVID deaths is ~1,908 deaths per day.  COVID remains a highly contagious and deadly (but preventable) virus after all…

Most of the COVID deaths are in states and counties where Republicans are in control of their local governments. There are so many COVID cases that their hospitals are at maximum capacity and have to send non-COVID patients to other counties or even states for treatment. Patients with non-COVID aliments like heart attacks or appendicitis are dying because the hospitals are filled to capacity with COVID patients.

These ‘hot spot’ states include Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Alaska, along with the southern states. Some Republican governors go so far as to ban state and local governments from enacting their own vaccine and mask mandates to protect their constituents – even for schools.

In Plumas County, COVID cases are increasing at an alarming rate. Even school children are becoming infected. Children across the country are infected with COVID but luckily they are not dying in mass. But some do die.

Plumas County BOS could have shown true leadership and carry out the directives of our governor and approve the order to vaccinate all county healthcare workers. But no, they decided that they could care less about the county health department workers and their clients who they see, and unanimously voted no.

They argued about ‘being threatened’, that they don’t have medical expertise, and that these employees can decide for themselves. It’s ‘not our job’ they say. Well, whose job is it then? Let freedumb ring! As more and more residents become infected…

As another writer pointed out, vaccine mandates are constitutional, but of course our Supervisors are clueless to history and leadership. Another writer, agreeing with the BOS, mentions ‘my body my choice’. That should apply to women and their medical choices, including abortion – right?

Luckily, Governor Newsom has stepped in to protect teachers, school workers, and students thru mask and vaccine mandates. And now a new California measure will require students in grades 7-12 and K-6 to be vaccinated once fully approved by the FDA (in each grouping).

About 80% of Democrats are vaccinated compared to about 52% of Republicans. Most of the deaths now are in Republican controlled states and counties. A lot of people are over caring if Americans get vaccinated or not. We tried. But note this:  it won’t be the Democrats who will be dying of COVID.

Mark Mihevc


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