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Letter to the Editor: Denney will stand up for teachers

Teachers need help. All teachers are struggling to figure out how to best serve their students during this pandemic, and Career Technical Education teachers who depend on a hands-on training experience in the classroom face an even bigger challenge.

Our young people have a hard enough time finding jobs close to home that pay more than the minimum wage – without job training, it’s even harder. Now, more than ever,we need a representative in Congress who will stand up for educators so that the young people in our region can get the training they need to find good jobs.

La Malfa is out of touch. He is too busy kissing up to corporations and wealthy donors. He has forgotten about who he truly serves, and what we need now – education that will get us jobs. Audrey Denney is a former educator – she taught agriculture at Chico State. Denney understands firsthand the importance of CTE and the impact it can have on our community. In November, vote Denney for Congress.

Adam Walton


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